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My alternative image. Lol

2014-04-02 23:24:57 by Vadik222

What brings boredom4084475_139649546821_.png

I'm bored. Is there anyone?

2014-03-16 03:55:00 by Vadik222

People? Here though somebody comes? ..    :с


2014-03-12 06:25:06 by Vadik222

My first 10 fans on NG, thanks you)4084475_139461986371_.png


2014-03-01 00:58:40 by Vadik222

Art time!)

2014-01-18 06:54:24 by Vadik222

I have not been here. I don't know what to do lately ...  I'll draw all. Write here your name and a link to your image. Sorry for my bad English... :(

Happy Holidays...

2013-12-31 08:01:23 by Vadik222


My sprites :3

2013-12-28 08:20:01 by Vadik222

I finished my sprites, they are completely drawn me except caps shotgun and gilded diglyme. Then there is the regular version as my character and MAG version.4084475_138823679243_.PNG

Happy New Year! Soon a year! :D

2013-12-20 12:54:15 by Vadik222

Waiting for 2014)

I changed my sprites

2013-12-12 01:16:24 by Vadik222